emilyb_ Really? *Johan Stare* 2y
  •   hmuller_r2r #Prince Joso 2y
  •   issdattoya ok sis where are you ??? you haven't posted 2y
  •   b3lla___ Can i design a bow for him @emilyb_ it can be customized detailed the way you want it and we will do it for you...and if you and your daughter would like one we can make bow pins with edgy styles with a chains or spikes added on the bow where u can pin it on your blazer your shirt or jacket 2y
  •   rkxi Lil Loso 2y
  •   say_ohla Damn just like loso wit the stance n everything lol @emilyb_ 2y
  •   ciarrasanders What's wrong ,darling?@emilyb_ 2y
  •   loyal_love425 @emilyb_ que chulo !!!!!!!!!! 2y
  •   sexyslim38 Little Fab.. 2y

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