threeloudkids Anyone have a clue what that is on Decembers ear? It keeps getting bigger, but it doesn't seem to bother her. 3y
  •   threeloudkids @haleytweetstoo it's only on the top and kind of looks like a bubble. Though I'll be honest I've never seen a tick thought 3y
  •   threeloudkids *though 3y
  •   lovelifefamilytravels Ticks are tricky sometimes because once they attach they get chubby and start to look more like a mole than anything else. I would maybe send a photo to your vet... Just in case 3y
  •   threeloudkids @haleytweetstoo interesting. It would make sense bc our backyard is super wooded. Thanks for the info. I'll call the vet I guess. 3y
  •   funambulator Willy has something similar on her ear & vet said to keep an eye on it & bring her back in if it gets any bigger. 3y
  •   spoospa It's not a tick. I forget what they are called but my mother in laws dog gets them occasionally. They go away on their own. 3y
  •   spoospa And you will always be able to see the head of a tick. It's black and sticks out of the fur. 3y
  •   threeloudkids @spoospa hmm. Must not be a tick. Bc there's no head. I guess I'll give it a little more time. 3y

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