•   sarahsilvy It's funny how many people didn't read all the directions!! 3y
  •   simirani @joshjohnson i loved the pic and ur description really suits the whole image well.. And thats really touching too a picture is always worth a 1000 words a personal belief will def try this out .. Cheers c u soon if there's anything id love to be of some help! @kevinkuster looking forward to ur posts 3y
  •   lot_lot143 :) 3y
  •   tabithajoi I'm always a day behind on these...so I never join just look, but today I had to. The photo is amazing. I always wonder what people think when they take their shot, so it was nice to finally know. 3y
  •   terryklipp #jj I caught the emotion of your image before reading your description :) Though I wonder if the school element would come across stronger with an appropriate prop... Backpack maybe? Great image! 3y
  •   monicarusak Cute 3y
  •   crazycatvera This reminds me of myself as a little one:) 3y

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