twobecomefour It's taken a while, but I've reached my 1st weight-loss goal of 5%! @WW_UK cake anyone?! ;) 3y
  •   clairenw Congratulations!! 3y
  •   lindy_ Congrats!!! 3y
  •   twobecomefour Thank you @lindy_ and @clairenw :) still a good way to go, and slow-going, but I'm getting there! I thought I'd had a bad week as well! 3y
  •   lindy_ Keep at it! I've been going since mid May 2011 & I still have 1 stone to go!! I'm telling myself the slower I lose it just means I'll keep it off. Don't know if I really believe that but hey ho- slow and steady wins the race!! 3y
  •   twobecomefour @lindy_ that's exactly what I keep telling myself!! 3y

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