jjcommunity Tonight in the forum, #jj_forum_0365, we're asking you to answer one simple question. "What inspires you?". Tag a picture and leave us at least one sentence below the image you're submitting. I've answered a couple times but here's another. "Sometimes I just don't know where inspiration comes from. A light bulb just goes off" 3y
  •   sarahrah1 Ha ha 3y
  •   kjjohnson Hey Josh! What are the steps to take when someone is stealing pics?? It just happened to me... 3y
  •   ongaku @kjjohnson I'm sorry that happend to you man... Start putting water marks with your name or a logo. That should help... I'll pray about it too 3y
  •   kjjohnson @ongaku It's odd because I only noticed it because the guy or whoever started following me and I went to check out his feed. Then I saw that one of my older pics was the last one posted... 3y
  •   cathybrittonphotography @kjjohnson it happened to me like that too. I even asked her many times nicely to remove it. Actually several times over a couple of days. Then she blocked me and it remained. I then regrettably had to report her. But it is a kind of flattery good luck. 3y
  •   cathybrittonphotography @kjjohnson and unless they invent an app for photographers where your watermark is between the layers of the photo and not just on top of it..it's so easily removed that its a waste of time really. If someone decides to nick your photo, they're going to do it. 3y
  •   barnaby777 Hi @joshjohnson love the forum can't get enough! Was just wondering the other day you started following me and I thought hold on a second, this must be a mistake! The next day you unfollowed, I was most disappointed 3y

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