jason_mraz Dear Atlanta, any setlist requests? 2y
  •   kjones0901 Tryin 4 tickets 2y
  •   chewey15 Could you play details in the fabric at merriweather tonight? give a shout out to "chewey15&crew" we'll be in the lawn!! So excited to hear you! 2y
  •   theresa0710 Atlanta show was fabulous. Appreciate your musicality on so many levels. Extremely tight band. Outstanding vocals. Amazing. You could sing me to sleep every night. 2y
  •   kimmypienow 3 1/2 hour lunch..i can whip up a crazy juice in about 15 mins. ;) 2y
  •   abbie__d MRAZ is a four lettered word! 2y
  •   amandanico1e @jason_mraz I don't want to pour my heart out, esp on such a public place...but last night my fiancé played me 'I won't give up' from when went to this Atlanta show, but broke off our engagement this morning. We ARE worth it. my heart is in a million pieces. Your song is on repeat, and I hope this isn't the end. 2y
  •   bonkie_db8_princess @lynnder should have known soundcheck was at 3! 2y

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