joshuagsanders The poster children for "follow your bliss". #saturday #atlanta #edgewood 2y
  •   abardis @joshuagsanders omg someone should! It would be hilarious. Total Marilyn moment except I was so surprised I doubt I looked at all sassy about it! 2y
  •   joshuagsanders @abardis ha I was the first one across and it definitely blew my shirt up around my face. Not very sassy either. I'm sure it gets people every day. Awesome. 2y
  •   maryrebecca @abardis it's happened to me too before! My dress was around my head almost. Haha good thing I'm a never nude 2y
  •   bluepsyche you should have your own photo taken with that. father & sons having an un-Marilyn moment 2y
  •   abardis Ok @maryrebecca that's the 2nd reference to being a never nude recently...are you for realz??? 2y
  •   maryrebecca Haha, well kinda. When it comes to skirts and dresses I like to have bike shorts. ;p 2y
  •   maryrebecca @abardis I also like jorts- just not under my clothes. And saying never nude is fun 2y
  •   abardis @maryrebecca saying never nude is fun!!!! 2y

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