nbcnews Summer is well underway and we want you to share with us your view of the #greatoutdoors. We will feature some of your photos Monday on Instagram and nbcnews.tumblr.com 2y
  •   guinhu_u Damn, now I wanna camping 2y
  •   laubin4 @noworries718 really?? You had to go there?? WOW!! 2y
  •   judesmix How ignorant @noworries718 ... I'm Mexican and live for camping, hiking ,etc! It's about having an open mind and not labeling yourself. 2y
  •   noworries718 -_- you just labeled yourself as mexican @judesmix and i wouldnt mind camping either sounds fun but am just pointing out in the pics its only white ppl thats all 2y
  •   judesmix @noworries718 well my bad. I guess what I meant is not living life under a label of what people expect from your race. I grew up hearing, "real Mexicans don't ski"...but guess what? I can rip down any terrain. The boys have a hard time keepin up with me on the slopes. :) 2y
  •   ichalerz Awesome 2y
  •   sdc_rocks_alexis_is_9 Cool!!! :) 2y

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