convo_pieces His and hers sherbet (not a fan of liquorice!) 3y
  •   notsonippy Doh! Ignore last comment, you already answered :/ 3y
  •   kerryseventytree Dib dabs are my all time faves! I don't like liquorice either. 3y
  •   loobyroux My teeth hurt looking at these 3y
  •   convo_pieces @notsonippy well the other half is partial to a dip dab too to be fair! ;) 3y
  •   convo_pieces @seventytree it's just weird right? and who was the madman who thought it went with sherbet?! 3y
  •   convo_pieces @loobyroux that's the power of sherbet! ;) 3y
  •   under_glass_sky See I love the lolly with the dib dab but I find the sherbet much nicer in the fountain....I don't like liquorice either though, so I usually just tip the fountain down my neck in one go. 3y
  •   convo_pieces @underaglasssky now that's an idea! :) 3y

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