andrew_marr Well if this latest update to Instagram has taught me one thing it's that I'm not very good at Geotagging my photos. Out of my entire feed only one could be added to the map. I'll try to do better! 2y
  •   andrew_marr @pudelino78 Thanks Kalina! :) 2y
  •   andrew_marr @bugsymatthews13 Thank you Amy! :) 2y
  •   andrew_marr @karynkelly Thanks Karyn, yes I do use a tripod, just an old cheap one. AvgCamPro can be set to take up to 128 shots (one per second), so the iPhone has to be kept still. The little gorilla tripod are also very handy! 2y
  •   dalyphotos Hi Andrew @tazcal and Karyn @karynkelly yes it is a pity Foursquare does not work on this device, never mind though they might come to some arrangement with Apple iPad soon, in the meantime I will just add a comment as to where my photos are being taken :-) enjoy the rest of your Sunday mine is coming to an end here it's 18.19 hrs here already :-( 2y
  •   zeadel So for this shot, like you explained, you use the AvgCamPro app and a tripod. Do you know if they changed the app name and how long did you leave it to take this shot?...thank you @tazcal...awesome feed btw 2y
  •   andrew_marr @zeuseyes Cheers, search for Average Camera Pro in the App Store. For this shot I set it to take 128 shots (it takes about 1 shot per sec). 2y
  •   zeadel @tazcal thank you man....will definitely have to try this! 2y
  •   stevebpics Amazing 2y

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