lesleyintokyo Fountain installation at Arab Express Exhibition, instead of water, it's oil, very cool. 4y
  •   lesleyintokyo (not real oil, but black liquid representing oil) 4y
  •   iro2soeur We are going tomorrow! I heard its a good show.. Did you like it? 4y
  •   lesleyintokyo It's excellent! I owe it to @colleenmariatokyo for opening my eyes up to it. Really good. On another note the Book of the dead is also on display, but it's crowded and there's a que to look at the hieroglyphics...a few mummies to be seen, had to then explain to Viv today, Mummy, mummy, and mommy... Whew... 4y
  •   colleenmarialenihan Glad you enjoyed it! 4y

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