gimmesomeoven Tonight was a black tie affair ;) 3y
  •   megsinkc I like how he got a special haircut for the occasion! Puppy love! 3y
  •   thedomesticrebel OMG he is ADORABLE, Ali! What's the occasion? Besides celebrating his cuteness? :) 3y
  •   gimmesomeoven @thedomesticrebel Long story short, he's been staying w my parents for a yr while I was house-hunting between houses. So now he's coming back to live with me, so tonight was his goodbye (dog "gone") party. :) 3y
  •   gimmesomeoven @megsinkc Me too! He's stylin' :) 3y
  •   thedomesticrebel That's awesome!! Congrats! What a cute idea :) 3y
  •   arecipejunkie Oh my goodness!!!!!!!!! Can we trade? ;) you can take the white one. 3y

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