twwly The sheep are my shepherd. 3y
  •   antigonesuicide Awesome 3y
  •   kekelyn Awww cute sheep face 3y
  •   moss_man Lovely sheep, but I am more stoked to see those birdhouse placements...those are birdhouses on the poles aren't they @twwly ? 3y
  •   twwly @moss_man Yup, the fence posts have bird houses. Wanted to encourage the swallows to stop nesting in the sheep shed (& shitting into the water, which can create e.coli infection in the sheep). They used the bird houses... But wouldn't move out of the shed. 3y
  •   raurz What a cutie!! Do you guys have goats? 3y
  •   moss_man @twwly they are a lovely touch, let's hope future generations are not so attached to the old haunt! 3y
  •   twwly @raurz Nigerian dwarf. :) 3y

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