jckyphotography Sleeping Dogs 3y
  •   gislip Is this good mate, been weighing it up all week x 3y
  •   jckyphotography Awesome game. Just as good as GTA if not better with the fighting combat. Makes it more special as I been to Hong Kong x amount of times x 3y
  •   gislip Think il have to pick that up this weekend then ,cheers chum x 3y
  •   jckyphotography @gislip only £35 in Tesco's worth the price. If u like open world games then this is a must buy. X 3y
  •   gislip Buying this was one of the best things I've done this month, was unreal, done everything now so good x 3y
  •   jckyphotography Yeah awesome game. Better for me I understand the Cantonese in it and the swearing in Cantonese. Good bit of fighting. 3y

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