jamieoliver Can't believe I'm nearly at 600.000 followers that's amazing !! you guys have been amazing and your photos and comments inspire me every day lets do some more cool stuff joxx:) 3y
  •   sweetswumi You are the best! 3y
  •   andycoffee :) thank you*** 3y
  •   rack_le Your photos r awesome! 3y
  •   judith_arnason congratulations Jamie :D my dads a chef and really likes your work. my parents own two restaurants home in Sweden (one gourmet and one French bistro). Im really interested in food and you are my favorite chef by far, and it would mean sooo very much to me if u followed me or at least took a look on my profile?? please, it would meen very much to me. :) xx 3y
  •   louana_louise Well thats because you're the sexiest chef ever!!!! 3y
  •   mr_focus100 I think in your biggest fan ever tbh @jamieoliver 3y
  •   deb4food Inspiration=commitment. Thank you for inspiring me. Time to look ahead and have my eye focussed on my goal. Love your openness when it comes to your family. Not sure if you read all your comments but I hope you get this one! 2y

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