random0ne #megatron stylee!! Borrowed from Baitbook ;) 2y
  •   wmachado @random0ne this is badass!! 2y
  •   random0ne @wmachado many thanks!! Although it is not my picture so I can't really take credit 2y
  •   wmachado @random0ne where did you get the pic from? 2y
  •   random0ne @wmachado I pinched it from Facebook ;) 2y
  •   arian_aybara @random0ne one if my fave megatron pics, it's the one I got tatted 2y
  •   random0ne @arian_aybara there is a pic of my fiancé wearing my prime t-shirt, that's what I want done down my right side under arm to waist line, does he do colour? 2y
  •   arian_aybara @random0ne yeah he does colour and black and white shading he is pretty amazing! I personally don't like colour so I just got lines. Only the autobot and decepticons emblems I got shaded. 2y
  •   random0ne @arian_aybara you should check @mat_lapping for colour!! I want to go to his shop but its in hull!! He has done transformers and they looked great!! 2y

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