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emilyb_ 2y
  •   lovetohate123 Sooo fab is done cheating lol YEA RIGHT!!!! 2y
  •   thetruth1112 @emilyb_ @distinct_kind @self_made_mandy @mrs_coloncrawford @rubita8_ "Im A Real Man , Not Just A Baby Daddy, I Have Purpose "
    To be honest this genocide can only be reconciled through our Value systems . Our Generations ideal of what it means to be A real Man & Father has been Compromised , by shallow images that $$$ & multiple fast women validate our masculinity.
    We can't be effective fathers & players /pimps this ideology is Incongruent.
    I believe Jesus Christ was crucified & resurrected to teach us the importance of family & relationships.
    God the father wants A relationship with us , we have been playing religious roles in every aspect of our lives . Religion aka living ritualistic & mundane lives ( partying & working basically just existing) , but not maximizing the potential & Gifts God has given us
    Fact : we can been religious and still neglect the people who need & love us the most , but we can't have a real relationship with people without a spirit of Conviction over our lives .
    We struggle with intimacy , which is what connects us on a different level from sensuality. Intimacy -means I don't have to touch u for u to feel me .
    Many go through life having religious experiences with baby mommas& daddy's , even partying their life away to appease social Norms .
    The truth is intrinsic change can only come when we are no longer the Center piece of our lives .
    We can't continue our Narcissistic lifestyles & be the parents, mates & Families our communities need us to be .
    Agape Love will force us off our Self -Centered Thrones . If we get this ,we can stop hustling to impress People who don't care about us .
    We will stop seeking role models from entertainers & athletes with their pants hanging off their ass.
    We will begin to educate our minds not just for a lifestyle , but to have substance to offer our kids & the next generation .
    We will be Purpose Driven individuals that are no longer ruled by our Ego,Pride , & Penis. 2y
  •   thetruth1112 @realistwimie thank u , do u realize how many lives could change If @emilyb_ spread these words God gave me to our Generation making marriage & relationships a joke. We have mastered baby momma & Daddy Drama , but have No Clue what it takes to Submit our will & be married for 50 plus yrs like our grandparents . Thank u again for letting me share 2y
  •   stephanieapons Love This pic need it 2y
  •   adizcarmen its hard to mend a broken heart #truestory 2y
  •   mademoiselleelizabeth @thetruth1112 great words, she has no idea the lives she could change if she had strong morals. Many women and girls look up to people like @emilyb_ . With great success comes responsibility, I encourage you to keep spreading the truth, I promise you it will set many free! 2y
  •   thetruth1112 @mademoiselleelizabeth @emilyb_ @realistwimie I just wrote this last nite . I have a plan to flood IG with so much truth , that somebody will get a tv producer , radio station to put me on to take back our Generations Self - Efficacy . "I'm Ur Womb , Don't U Value Me?
    So ladies I'm not happy with who u choose to let have me , so we need to talk .
    Judging from who u choose to be with ,u don't value me or urself .
    See I don't care how much $$$ a dude has or what whip he's pushing , I'm too precious for that non-sense .
    U have let men abuse me , impregnate me , and even give me diseases all because ur confused about who God created u to be .
    As matter of fact the dude u messing with now , He's not ur King , he's just a temporary fix to get over ur pain .
    When are u going to respect urself ? When are u going to respect me ? Why are u letting men lie to u & sell u a pipe dream ? How many more kids do we need to have, before u began looking at a dudes character vs his tats ?
    FYI: I cant go through another Abortion , because some asshole u dealing with ,felt u were good enough to fuck , but not be committed too.

    Don't u realize God made u the mothers of the earth , not the Ho , Groupie or Slut u make me feel like.
    I figure, I needed to talk to u because I Love u , But do u love me ? Do u Love Urself ?
    Sincerely ,
    Ur Womb 2y

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