mynaburd Pretty [wedding] dress. Picture dedicated to @letsdanceautii ... My wedding dress was designed by me but made professionally. It cost a whole $300. I'm a high roller #holla 3y
  •   dialaskitchen Love the photo and that fact that my sis is creative in every way:) 3y
  •   mynaburd @dicanelo thank you sis! I have many tricks. Oh and thank YOU @duy_le for your compliment. Coming from you its flattering seeing your food creations! You really should also post teeth photos... :-D 3y
  •   lorenataylor That is a beautiful dress! Since you mentioned it, I'd like to see this dress you designed 3y
  •   mama_k_free Ohhhhh... I wanna see yours! Lol 3y
  •   deewags Pretty! Loving that wallpaper behind you :) 3y
  •   mynaburd @lorenataylor it's a simple dress for a beach wedding. I'll take a pic when I go home! 3y
  •   mynaburd @kbananaz1004 ooookkkkkk... 3y
  •   mynaburd @deewags omg thanks for pointing that out! I thought I was a pattern on the mirror! Duh! Hahahahahaha 3y

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