andrew_marr Had a play around with #avgcampro during the day time to see what effect I could get! 2y
  •   chad_n_fokus Thanks for the info. I look forward to playing with this app. Great shot once again. Looks amazing. 2y
  •   andrew_marr @chad_n_fokus Cheers mate! Just one tip, you'll need to mount your iPhone. The app can take up to 128 shots (about one per sec) so the iPhone needs to be very still. I use a small cheap tripod. Good luck! 2y
  •   chad_n_fokus Noted. How many shots did you take to achieve this gem? 2y
  •   emmaburl Looks like a dream... :) 2y
  •   andrew_marr @chad_n_fokus For this shot the app took 64 shots, I generally have it set to 32, 64 or 128! 2y
  •   andrew_marr @emmaburel Thank you so much! :) 2y
  •   journeyofnow Awesome shot! What do you use to make sure your iPhone does not move? 2y
  •   frl_wurm oh my.... your shots are perfectly wonderful and amazing! beautifull landscape you're in!! 2y

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