vanswarpedtour Andrew Bishop Mrotek aka “The Butcher”, the drummer of The Academy Is was recently attacked and mugged in Milwaukee. Like many Americans, Andy is without health insurance coverage and each day as he is making strides to physically and emotionally recover from this experience, his hospital bills continue to grow and grow.. This is the link to purchase this T Shirt with 100% of proceeds going to help him. It also tells his story - 3y
  •   tacobell4l @wrongfootrene most people in this music industry aren't rich. They simply do it because they love what they do. They're not rich by any means. 3y
  •   stevye_b Since my last name is Butcher, I feel even more obligated to buy the shirt. 3y
  •   piercetheandy Oh Fall Out Boy.. v. v 3y
  •   earthtokatie Fall out boy? ^ Andy was in The Academy Is and people who wish they could can! his artwork is on his website and I got one for 5 bucks so its not that hard to help. So help the butcher out! He's a great guy! 3y
  •   jonnatbh Fallout boy t shirt? Theyre not even a band. 3y
  •   jessegrinnell If think with a name like "The Butcher" he woulda given an ass whippin to a mugger or 2. 3y
  •   savvvg #falloutboy isn't a band anymore... 3y
  •   addiedrums I miss him... Love you Butcher!! Hope you start feeling a lot better!! 3y

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