hezpez87 August in photos-day 17. Faces. Some of the famous faces I think about on a daily basis 3y
  •   hezpez87 Points to you @lynkin. Extra points if you can tell me where the pics were taken. 3y
  •   hezpez87 Or who they're playing 3y
  •   lynkin Arthur is Rory (first ep S5), Matt is The Doctor, Jensen is Dean (the Elliot Ness ep), Tom is in Warrior. I think that shot of John is from Desperate Housewives? 3y
  •   hezpez87 That's right. All points to you 3y
  •   lynkin Yayness! It's quite the formidable collection you have there, @hezpez87. 3y
  •   hezpez87 They keep me sane.....well I say sane. Maybe it's more to do with arousal 3y
  •   lynkin Haha! 3y
  •   hezpez87 That much testosterone in one pic is dangerous 3y

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