mittromney Mitt Romney with supporters in Chillicothe, OH #RomneyRyan2012 4y
  •   mckayhallineff First of all, it's not "democratic" it's democrat. Second of all....what has this world come to? So people are only republican if they're white? Racism. @sunfl0wxers 3y
  •   robphotog1 @yungmagenta why are you so racist?? Smart people can be republican or independent and yes even democratic. You, on the other hand I don't know about. Tell me, what do the colored people in this photo trade? If they only trade, how do they make their living? I'm sure it's not by being racist like you. BTW, the word you are looking for is traitor, NOT trader you moron! Try getting a life. 2y
  •   trx.ash I'm republican and I'm black so it has nothing to do with race just which president has the same values as you and if you think what the president is doing will benefit you. 2y

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