•   samanthab214 @aberazzi it's weird how some just don't know what it's like to be around guns all the time! That's just how we do it down south I guess. 2y
  •   monica_butkiewicz Shooting stuff is always fun!!๎€Ž๎„“๎„“๎„“๎„“๎„“๎„“๎„“๎„“๎„“ 2y
  •   niokee_the_infamous Shooting is fun 2y
  •   eloisaborges ryan <33333 2y
  •   briahswift I know how to shoot I raven have my own guns 2y
  •   gucci401 Wow 2y
  •   nacofresa Is that how ur taking down -A for hurting Caleb lol #PLL 2y
  •   oldcheese89 Anyone can.shoot a fuckin' gun idiots 2y

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