twenty20app Instagram 3.0 is out! What do you think about the update? 4y
  • If I'm being honest @instacnvs photo maps is pants, reason I say that is pics tag with the country I took them it shows up on photo map with my current location, for example I have taken a bunch of pics from Africa, then have uploaded pics from London where I live, it shows up on my photo map as my current location. Why does it do that, please FIX this. 4y
  • @instacnvs ~ Where I feel improvements can be made. 1) Allow users to #tag at least 50 #tags when uploading pics, 30 is too little. 2) Allow users to have more than 150 characters for your profile. 3) fix photo map, it doesn't work as it should. 4y
  •   slayer_of_fashion I like it a lot. Maps is dumb but the new layout is nice and smooth. But, I would like to have more characters for my bio. 150 isn't enough. And it's not as stable as it should/could be. That's about it! 4y
  •   darianacubellss Cool 3y

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