todayshow #JeremyFoley & #YuriKouznetsov, the race car drivers who survived a plunge off #PikesPeak. #todayshow 2y
  •   mrjeffreymark I have climbed that 14er so many times. Huge 2y
  •   fleurpoweur They were being watched by angels 2y
  •   bizznessman1 Im guessing your hotrod didnt maake the trip huh 2y
  •   baileydegan @________________________666 God is REAL u might not believe in God but that's ur loss See u in Hell 2y
  •   tinydino93 God is real to some people and not real to others. But telling someone they are going to hell is a sin. Believe in what you want but don't go abusing each other. Seriously people their is no proof of who is wrong or right about religion, it's all about faith and we won't know until we pass away. 2y
  •   cannondmcastro Someone needs to read 1samuel 2:6 2y
  •   kaitlyn.dianne12 I heard about that 2y

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