•   dlconio Yeh great as if I didn't find you hot enough  well done Abi 2y
  •   abzigail92 @dlconio have a bit of trouble getting that out did ya conio? hahaha piss'ead. and why thanks, such a charmer you. 2y
  •   abzigail92 @andytickles I look forward to the 4/6, sounds wonderful! and @rhiirhiibianchi you so hot. 2y
  •   shadowofmichael That's a very red earlobe, god I dont miss doing that 2y
  •   dlconio I kept accidentally pressing send :( and then it wouldn't delete it! 2y
  •   abzigail92 @michaelhsouth yea I'd done it like ten mins before I took the pic lol s'alright now :) and @dlconio yea some might say you struggled with that one.. 2y
  •   dlconio I never struggle. 2y
  •   deanoh92 4 to 6 is fine.. Now 0 to 5, that's where the pain is at. 2y

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