synonympunz Got it :) 2y
  •   synonympunz Not film it's b/w photographic paper and just 35mm it's for my final project 2y
  •   synonympunz Ull see it 2y
  •   synonympunz Iv got a whole idea you will all see coming up soon 2y
  •   synonympunz These next two weeks @stecklo @jankemichael @foxtronic @pez22 2y
  •   heimaland Is that 16" x 20"? Have fun printing! I printed a project on that paper format last year and it was très cool. 2y
  •   tind ohhhh i miss the photo lab and diy printing!! now its almost all digital at our university ... :( 2y
  •   synonympunz Yeh this is last year of black and white they doing I think 2y
  •   synonympunz @heimaland yeh I can't wait I'll tag u when I post what I print on there 2y

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