steve0000000000 Yay! Another new toy! (sorry it's blurry but he was moving) 2y
  •   maggie_ice @steve0000000000 they are hard to catch when they not sleeping 2y
  •   steve0000000000 @maggie_ice hahahaha...exactly! The only thing is he sleeps in a cubby, so I have to cram my head in the cage to get pic off inside... I got my head stuck one 2y
  •   boots2005 Always on the go 2y
  •   steve0000000000 @boots2005 Just wish I had a good camera to get those "on the go" He really like his new toy. He moved it around like 5 or 6 times...hehehehe 2y
  •   boots2005 I wish I had one too. I could get so many good pics. 2y
  •   steve0000000000 @boots2005 I think you take great pics!! Love the ones where they are playing together, it's so cute!! 2y
  •   boots2005 Thx so much. 2y
  •   steve0000000000 @boots2005 No problem! Just being honest! 2y

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