claud_oval For Day 4 of my #7daysofsps a self portrait challenge by @sumsion, I wanted to share a picture that would present a challenge. Simply put, I hate this picture! I felt uncomfortable in my dress, felt exposed, out of my comfort zone, and hugged in all the wrong places. You can tell by my face as I took the picture, I was not happy... I quickly sent it to my BFF @angimarie an asked, do I look fat? As soon as I sent it I thought OF COURSE I DO! I am fat! DUH! When I arrived at the Races (Del Mar) a random man walks up to me and says. Lucky the man that calls you his, you are absolutely stunning! I gawked!! Seriously! Shocked! I took that new found umpf and ego boost and enjoyed my night! This self portrait challenge is exactly that, a challenge. bear with me, as I figure out how far I take it. 2y

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