•   mdchevy Any info on that pen? 3y
  •   janky_barns @mdchevy it looks like a zebra sharbo x multipen. You can find them on JetPens.com 3y
  •   everydaycarry @basandlokes have you looked at the website recently? It has been updated every weekday at 2pm concurrent with the instagram. 3y
  •   nosrednug I'll round you out a nice #100likes 3y
  •   mdchevy @zombizon thank you Sir! 3y
  •   basandlokes @carrygram hey mate, I refreshed my cookies and it's all sorted. I thought it was unusual for you as I've been visiting your page for almost two years or something like that and I know you post regularly. Glad it was just my browser that was acting up. Cheers mate 3y
  •   protobott What knife is that? 3y
  •   plamen2110 Spyderco Dragonfly G10 3y

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