emilymosteller Procrastination: taking pictures of your dog instead of working on ap psych. #Derby 2y
  •   meghanulmer Ohh I'm sorry I know how you feel, I took civics and Econ this summer and I'm almost done with civics! And I've been done with Econ haha 2y
  •   emilymosteller @meghancaroline youre lucky you took it over the summer though because civics and econ suck during the school year! 2y
  •   meghanulmer Haha I've heard that there is a huge project that takes forever... We also don't have finals in the summer so I guess that's always good too! 2y
  •   emilymosteller @meghancaroline yeah i hated those classes, like you dont even learn anything but they just suck haha 2y
  •   meghanulmer Haha I feel like civics is all review from the past 4 years 2y
  •   ayayyrod Hehehe this lil chub makes me giggle 2y
  •   emilymosteller @getcrayrod having fun stalking me and my dog?! 2y

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