•   mz_ki That's a good thing then glad to hear it 2y
  •   mz_ki Thats a good thing then glad to hear that an I'm glad you're happy I wanna see u again on another love n hip hop miss u guys the whole cast! @emilyb_ 2y
  •   mz_ki Also plz don't get me wrong in any way when I say that's good. I mean I'm glad he is a good father but no I don't condone or appreciate the way he treated u as far as the relationship. From what I see you are a good girl. It made me upset to see what u went thru an you deserve better. u deserved his time an faithfulness an all! love u em hope u didn't take it wrong I'm jus glad to see u happy @emilyb_ 2y
  •   mizzbella0406 Adorable just like his mama! 2y
  •   msguccim0ntana2 Yess @starbux1440 I see u working  2y
  •   ___neville @emilyb_ with his gucci's fly & handsome god bless you & you's 2y
  •   ___neville @emilyb_ *yours 2y
  •   gtwotimes This kid is too fly 2y

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