vatav Cliff Palace 3y
  •   microbenut The black stuff above the cave is desert varnish made by microbes.... ;-) 3y
  •   vatav @microbenut - Fascinating stuff. Have you ever seen it under a microscope? 3y
  •   lymepixie @vatav I've always wanted to go there!! 3y
  •   vatav @snopixie - You've gotta do it! One of the most amazing places on Earth! 3y
  •   lymepixie @vatav is this in AZ or Mexico? 3y
  •   lymepixie Someday I will check it out! 3y
  •   vatav @snopixie - it's Mesa Verde National Park on southwest Colorado. 3y
  •   vatav You gotta check out Mesa Verde in south west CO! @glblock 11mon

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