badgalriri Don't Be Lazy #devotionnavy 3y
  •   _lovelyday All of these quotes and pages really helped me. I opened a salon on my own and succeeded for 4.5 years, then strangely my entire team decided to leave..I have been in shock for about a month. But this all really helped. A lot.Thx 3y
  •   kgoti What book is this so i can read it. Please Thank you!. 3y
  •   ronlevy92 @badgalriri lol this is true ! 3y
  •   mlle_danajose What app is this?? 3y
  •   missmartinez__ Its not the Bible 3y
  •   luckypennyworld When you get sad you get lazy, but when you put joy in your heart you get a burst of energy . STAY HAPPY. see GODs LVE that he gives you everyday. 2y
  •   tzanaberkel Ok 2y
  •   topangel101 I needed to hear this though... 2y

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