lizzyrose_photography Tomorrow is the two year anniversary of the first time we saw her face. While this isn't the referral photo we received it was one that was given to me that first week. I scoured the Internet trying to get any info I could on my daughters orphanage and cane across a group called "visiting orphans". They were in Chenzhou only 4 weeks prior and low and behold they had photos of out girl. I'm putting together a special post for tomorrow and have been walking down memory lane. This is one of my fav photos. It is the first photo I received of Reagan with her fingers in her mouth. 2y
  •   mhkonyn Oh my goodness! I didn't realize this was your baby girl! When did ya'll adopt her? So glad you were able to find pictures of her :) 2y
  •   lizzyrose_photography @megancanine it was your mom who reached out to me and let me know you girls had been there. I emailed you and sent you a friend request thru FB. Thru u I was able to link to all of the other girls that were with you on your first trip to Chenzhou. This was photo was taken in July of 2010 we traveled in October of 2010. I have led many other Chenzhou mommas back to your photos. In fact I most recently connected Katie K with the family that adopted "her baby" Xin Feng. So thank you so very much. Had it not been for you and your mom none of us would have these photos of our Chenzhou cuties!!!! 2y
  •   lizzyrose_photography Thanks everyone!!!!! We know we are tremendously blessed by this little girl. 2y
  •   lizzyrose_photography @mrsldavis how very cool that you were meeting your baby girl the very day I set eyes on mine for the first time!!!! Happy Family day to you. Xo 2y
  •   somanepics @longroadtochina What a cool connection! 2y
  •   lizzyrose_photography @megancanine I just found a photo of you holding her!!! I will try to post it. Quality is not good but it's a very sweet shot 2y
  •   onelessbroken Such a precious gift from God...LOVE this picture:) 2y
  •   prichardsix So very sweet. How little she was. What a doll. 2y

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