naomitamar 2365 3y
  •   naomitamar @paigeedee I live in NY now. Not the city per ce, but right outside from it. You're from one of the Carolina's, right? South? 3y
  •   paigeedaug_herty I'm actually in North, Charlotte to be exact. Big city, but totally different from NYC/the NE area as a whole. But I love it :) 3y
  •   jdella142 I <3 NEW YORK 3y
  •   naomitamar @paigeedee different how? You mean you get pushed around a lot less? :P that actually sounds awesome. A big city that's not like NYC.. Probably a lot calmer.. and I meant per se*. Sometimes I instagram in my sleep :) sorry. 3y
  •   paigeedaug_herty We've got center city, where the beautiful skyline comes from and the bankers work. Then we have our suburban neighborhoods where every lives their lives. It's perfect, minus the driving. 3y
  •   naomitamar @paigeedee that sounds perfect. Glad you are somewhere that makes you happy. :] 3y
  •   paigeedaug_herty Me too. If you ever find yourself down here, let me know. But just remember, when you order tea it comes sweet. :) 3y
  •   naomitamar @paigeedee Got it :) Thanks! 3y

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