prawn_star San fran airport... 3y
  •   ginorocks You guys were here 3 weeks ago??? FOK! I MISSED IT??!! FML 3y
  •   jxyfever "I cant beleive that kristen had a little fling yo, know robert is single and ready to mingle" 3y
  •   mtvashleybrooke When u coming back!? :) 3y
  •   darn1tskaya )) 3y
  •   flowerchildem SA misses you. Come back @prawn_star 1y
  •   nar_unicorn HEEY ILY 1y
  •   mariadiaspeixoto yo my flow is hot just like the guy from twilight, i can't believe that Kristen went and had a fling yo now Robert is single and ready to mingle 10mon
  •   rcotton3 2mon

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