thesartorialist Are the Vionnet ads the most intriguing ads in the new American Vogue? 3y
  •   butterflies_rme @jmgarcia1220 That is the most hilarious thing I have read all day. Thanks for making me laugh. I needed it. You just brightened someones day. 3y
  •   _misschon @bobby1215 yea that was what I thought of too! Looks too much like lanvin 3y
  •   wseggie Self inflicted wedgie 3y
  •   wseggie Or is that Borat speedo inspired. 3y
  •   thesartorialist Sorry , I thought there were some educated fashion people here 3y
  •   meandmrdarcy I know Vionnet. Sa expertise etait moulage. I just love her technique. Very avant garde and way ahead of her time. I appreciate ur post of this pic mr. Schuman. Thank you. 3y
  •   anniekendig I'm with the jokesters! 3y
  •   tortorkim Lovely and art deco, better than all of the flashy model-looming ads in American Vogue right now. 3y

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