why_pea_are Ty to @haaahiii for my new tool. 3y
  •   why_pea_are @gencuesta I'm a rough neck! 3y
  •   gencuesta @why_pea_are Si lla veo! 3y
  •   yosharyu I like this knife and I'm considering buying it. Would you recommend it for an edc?? 3y
  •   why_pea_are Idk what edc is, but of it has anything to do with being bad ass, then yes 3y
  •   eddiediablo Every day carry! 3y
  •   fiendclub Does this version of the knife have that little safety lock on the opposite side? 3y
  •   why_pea_are @fiendclub it does, it's a little funny to manage at first but really practical. Ty for the likes :) 3y
  •   fiendclub Same to you! Yes it is quite fun some times lol, makes it a little tricky for quick tasks but it's sure fun to use all around. I have an older version of it. 3y

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