igers True or Not? @Mashable published a post announcing Nikon could be working in a Camera Cool Pix's line and would connect directly to Google play app market that would run on camera... What's your opinion? Would you like people using camera allowed to post pics directly to Instagram?? 2y
  •   jjsoini Instagram could just implement filtering by device. Switch to Mobile and you'd only see mobile shots, or switch to DSLR and you'd see just dslr shots. 2y
  •   gattaraantonia Like the idea... and @blumenkraft ... nothin' more to add... its all about lovers of photos and photography, isnt it ? The world is turning, why shouldn't IG.... no matter if dslr or phones ( all are mobile )... Important is, do i love a pic or not.... 2y
  •   blumenkraft @gattaraantonia totally agree. 2y
  •   robynbromley A photo is a photo is a photo is a photo! (with apologies to Gertrude Stein) cc @gattaraantonia 2y
  •   gattaraantonia Right !!! And could not be missunderstood, if you like one from your heart ! No matter which device... @robynbromley 2y
  •   igersticino It'll possibile to make a phone with dsrl? Ahah @gattaraantonia @robynbromley Not much sense to me... This is just a matter of marketing. Instagram should be easy and fun to use and a smarthphone will be "always" the convenient match. Regards @matteofieni 2y
  •   igersticino *a phonecall 2y

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