niallbubbles FOLLOWFOLLOWFOLLOW Fanfic #2 continued: "Really? You'll let me sleepover at your house?", I asked. "Yeah, of course. Anything for you." "Well you don't have to... I mean I wouldn't want to be a bother." I said looking down. "No, I would love to have you over. But you would have to sleep with me, in my bed, because there is only a couple rooms for me and the boys. Is that okay with you?" "Uhh... Yeah it's fine with me.", I said that trying to keep my cool. I actually wanted to start fangirling at the thought of it. "Okay, great. Let's get going." we turned and started walking towards his car, he put his hand on my back walking me to the car. My cheeks started to hurt because I was smiling so much. He opened my door for me. Niall was such a gentleman, he was so sweet, and he was just perfect. I knew it was too early to say it but I loved him! #inlovewith4brits1irishfanfics 3y

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