lifecraftedwell Each morning I wake to the sight of my love and our life and our happiness as it's washed in the sunlight of the brand new day; I am instantly filled with joy, satisfaction, and all of the other mushiness we can never fully express. It drives me through the day with more happiness than I could ever get from any drug or any daredevil sport. Even though life isn't perfect, I love the imperfections because they challenge me, give me the desire to reach and grow and learn. The imperfections remind me that this life is real and isn't just a dream. #morning #morningreflections #mushy #blearyeyed #instamood #instagood #pixlromatic #picoftheday 4y
  •   tekntonk *blush* My heart, I love you more than words can say. Thank you for walking beside me through this journey we call life. I'm so grateful out of all the people in this crazy world you were the one who caught my eye and to whom I gave my heart. 4y
  •   baamekniits Beautiful sentiment, great view on life 4y
  •   lifeisloveis *tears* .. it isn't just a dream... how amazing is that when your hearts dream comes true! thank you for sharing a snapshot of love, real life and the Stuff dreams are made of. Continued Life and Love is wished for you two. Be happy and rejoice in the day the moments! <3 4y

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