•   merryheppler @zachdeal my husband is just starting weightlifting. He wants to get stacked but he wants it to last. Fit for long term. He is about 180 lbs, what supplements might you recommend for him? He was looking at the BSN set. 3y
  •   zachdeal @twinmammamerry I wouldn't worry about buying many supplements. I'd head over to my web page zachdeal1.vemma.com and try the thirst as his post workout recovery drink. I'd also get some protein powder and fish oil. The rest is just diet he needs to eat 5-6 meals a day with lots of protein and carbs. 3y
  •   merryheppler @zachdeal thanks! 3y
  •   kierenfaisey Any supplements or tips on gaining overall size? 3y
  •   lxyangel Shoutout bigzack?! Just fixed new account on instagram about fitness, would really help a lot! Thanks bro @zachdeal 3y
  •   giuliabuzzago Yessssssssss 3y
  •   lanish Omg 3y
  •   emmawulff96 Shit...omg, you are sexy ! @zachdeal 3y

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