hipstaroll Forget about the Monday blahs, let's swap tips and tricks about this weeks combo! So do tell... how are you getting on with this weeks combo so far? Let's discuss the #BlacKeysBW + #LucasAB2 combo, aka #HipstaRoll_Week62.

And to start us off, here is what this weeks Official Hipstaroll Correspondent, Rachel {@rachelwilde} has to say about the combo:

What an interesting film BlacKeys B+W is with it’s subtle tones, desaturated colour, vignetting in the top left and bottom right corners and that border!! I found there was a lot to take into consideration when taking a shot, particularly the placement of the subject - the vignetting led me to place my subject either in the lower left, centre or upper right of the frame to get a more balanced image. Colour saturation varies according to light exposure and with the right amount of light reds, blues and greens really pop. If you want to change the retro date setting to the current year, this can be done by choosing Hipstamatic in your phone’s main settings and turning Retro-Date Prints off.

Lucas AB2 brings softness to the equation and lovely golden tones. I really like using this lens for shooting on the beach and sand dunes.

I tried a few flashes, Jolly Rainbo and RedEye Gel work really well, the latter really deepens reds and brings out the golden tones of Lucas.

All in all, a great combo, I had fun shooting with it and hope you do too. *ْPhoto by Official Hipstaroll Correspondent Rachel Wilde.*ْ Please direct general Hipstaroll questions to your adoring hipstaroll leaders, @punkrawkpurl @lucky_chucky

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