fairlyfabulous1 She found her name! First year in public school. Her teacher is Ms Mozee 2y
  •   twinkietotmom I remember going to school every summer & looking in the window for my name/teacher, too! We don't do that at my school, or, at least I don't think we do. 2y
  •   jmazewsk She is such a little Meagan!!!! 2y
  •   cynmil She is so beautiful!! 2y
  •   fairlyfabulous1 @twinkietotmom how do the kids know who their teachers are? @bambulino18 pretty funny, huh? @cynmil thank you! She turned into a big girl overnight! 2y
  •   twinkietotmom @fairlyfabulous1 We send home welcome back brochures with our names in them. 2y
  •   jennbird I was just thinking she looks just like you! So cute! I remember doing that every year too! 2y

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