dannyway One of the back yard ramps in Vista I grew up skating.. Check out the plywood .. This was before Masonite became the standard .. Christ air 13 years old in this pic 2y
  •   _juan_love_ Christ air?! You were 13?! @dannyway 2y
  •   dannyway Wow .. Time flys but I do remember my ramp by olive all to well.. That ramp taught me so much although it was a death trap .. @missheidiw 2y
  •   dronewolf @dannyway growing up watching you skate was and still is a inspiration. Thank you. 2y
  •   missheidiw @dannyway LOL! It was a crazy ramp..... All the kids in the neighborhood used to sneak in your yard just to sneak a peek. Thanks for not kicking us all out:) 2y
  •   andregenovesi Inspiration since day one 2y
  •   wilzo656 Omg christ air 2y
  •   chimbot Danny Susteta's ramp. Joel McDuffee & Eddie Hoffman in the background. Good times brutha! @dannyway 2y
  •   saynotonames Fuckin' awesome D: *-* 2y

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