chewbaccasf Just snuck in #chewbaccalands 3y
  •   m00rad fucked up and didnt take a pic thats why my outsidelands experience was incomplete 3y
  •   sophdee CHEWY!!! 3y
  •   frankievali noooooo I missed meeting chewbaccasf! damn! 3y
  •   joolsptown Loved seeing Chewie at Outside Lands! And I thought I had it hard taking photos of Mr. Potato Head everyday!!!! :0) 3y
  •   bryanbodonnell We saw you enjoying the music! After all these years, you still look good 3y
  •   derek_818 Dude I totally saw you and should've taken a pic 3y
  •   giangtrinh I remember seeing you on he grounds! You're awesome! 3y
  •   juantanamero Hi @chewbaccasf. My name is Juan De Anda and I'm a writer for SF Weekly. I was wondering if I could interview you about the success of this account for a feature in the magazine. Please feel free to contact me at Thanks! 2y

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