•   janoha 2y
  •   christlikechic @janoha ; Atina- hope you are having a blessed Sunday! 2y
  •   janoha I hope you are too! thanks for being so wonderful 2y
  •   christlikechic @janoha : All glory to GOD. I'm about to head out to dinner & a movie. Then it's back to the weekday grind 2y
  •   janoha Yippie! Lol have a blessed day my friend! 2y
  •   amanibdair Seriously you got the most beautiful style! I can't get over it. It's chic, amazing and just the clothes you wear I mean it shows that you respect your own body and you don't need to show every little thing to be fashionable. I just LOVE Your style! 2y
  •   christlikechic @amanibdair : I'm glad that God has been able to work through me. I hate how society just degrades women saying LESS is better. Your words of encouragement & support is very wonderful. Thank you oh so humbly. Your style is CHIC, also! Hold me accountable. 2y

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