•   arroyo_4life "PEACE" "GOD" I been hearing a lot of rumors so what they say I try to stay off this Instagram is no good u need to be100% focus what the hell happen to pictures with a old fashion camera anyways from my point of view i think u should stay real men stand alone and make shit happen I know it's been tough the last two years but things change when u give it a chance I think with phill and fisher its a big move in the wright direction I know time is not on your side but lets see what happens u make it happen bro bring people to u be a leader u want to look back one day and say I did U KNOW WHAT I MEAN!! Make the wright choice and stay bro #NYK4LIFE #KNICKSTAPE!! #STAYMELO CHAMPIONS4MEN @carmeloanthony 3mon
  •   pat_33rd You really think he will read this you fuck and even if he did why you talking to him like he's your son dumb ass he Carmelo mother fucking Anthony he dont listen to you bitch @arroyo_4life 2mon
  •   arroyo_4life Why the hate bro ? @pat_33rd 2mon
  •   katgreen319 @carmeloanthony Happy 4th Of July you and your Family! ENJOY!!!! Salute-:) Pic (PRICELESS) the man within (PRICELESS)Respect 2mon
  •   katgreen319 Representing Two (PRICELESS) Respect 2mon
  •   trevdadon USA all day everyday we stay be high above all respect 2mon
  •   m.abel Cool 2mon

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