herthirdeye The best freafin breakfast in the world!!! #pamidorovdzvadvegh  with the last of your garden tomatoes @sirvard 3y
  •   dani_hell I think you should post this recipe! 3y
  •   jackassdog Yes. Recipe please. :) 3y
  •   herthirdeye @sgureghian @ani_8 thanks guys. It sure was. 3y
  •   herthirdeye @jackassdog @dani_hell ok guys since I'm not gonna get a chance to blog this one here's the recipe just for you two  Ok I used 5 med tomatoes, pealed and diced (I don't like the peel under my teath when I'm eating) about 6 scallions sliced (green and white parts) a good handful of dill chopped and about a half a cup of crumbled feta. In about a Tbsp of butter sauté the scallions for a couple of min, add tomatoes and dill, season with salt and pepper to taste and cook tomatoes till they are nice and soft, kinda saucy but not too watery about 10-15 min. Beat the eggs in a bowl and add to the tomato sauce. Slowly move the mixture around with a wooden spoon to cook the eggs and mix the tomatoes into the egg mixture. Do not overcook, as soon as the eggs are cooked and the mixture is still a bit saucy turn off the fire and add feta on top. I always 3y
  •   herthirdeye Oops hit send too soon. I always eat my eggs with hot sauce so add some on top if you want and enjoy  @jackassdog @dani_hell 3y
  •   herthirdeye @jackassdog @dani_hell oh boy forgot to tell you guys how many eggs I used.. 6 large eggs  3y
  •   dani_hell I make chilaquiles for breakfast every weekend. I'm switching it up this weekend for sure. Yum! 3y
  •   herthirdeye @dani_hell cool! Enjoy.. this by the way is a very Armo meal  3y

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